Monday, 3 December 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Samsung Flagship Phone)

December 03,2012
Samsung Galaxy S3 is a Smartphone designed and manufactured by Samsung Electronics and was released on the 29th May, 2012. It is the immediate successor of Samsung Galaxy S2. More than anticipated, its design, configuration and features show a very wide gap between it and its immediate predecessors. It s slogan goes thus: “Designed for humans, inspired by nature”.

It has continued to receive encomium from the public, its users and top popular Mobile review experts due to the peculiarity of its features and Operating System as compared with it contemporaries or competitors.

Samsung S3 Smartphone release was greeted with a massive reception and sales which could be attributed to a number of factors as will be seen in the course of this review. It was reported that there was over 10 million pre-release orders by about 100 Carriers and over 20 million was sold within the first 100 days of its release. As at 2nd November, 2012 thirty Million units have been sold.

This kind of reception will normally give one the cause to find out why? What are the features that made it so peculiar and credit its manufacturer as the foremost Mobile phone manufacturer as at the time of its launch. This earns it European Mobile Phone of the year 2012-2013 from European Imaging and Sound Association.

The Operating System on release was Android 4.0 also known as “Ice Cream Sandwhich”. However it was upgraded to Android 4.1 also known as Jeally Bean in the month of September, 2012.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has a quad-Core processor and 1.5GHZ cortex-Krait . This informs the no-delay attribute in switching from one application to the other. Off course this is necessary because of its multi-task environment with its ability run a number of applications concurrently. You could be busy with a task why at the same time on the screen watch a movie optimised into the size that allow both application to run same time.

This is why some reviewers refer to Samsung Galaxy S3 as somewhere in between a Tablet and a Smartphone. It has 1GB RAM (International Version) and a 50GB drop box capacity. Its internal storage capacity ranges from” 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. It can accommodate 64GB micro external memory which is about the largest at the moment unlike Apple gadgets limited to internal storage.

It has 136.6mm height, 70.6mm width and 9mm thick. It weighs 133g, 4.8inch AMOLED Screen ( 720x1280p). This dimensions made it slightly wider than Samsung Galaxy S2 whose screen was 4.2inch and also a departure from Galaxy S2 square shape by its diagonal outlook. And it’s kind of high resolution multi-touch screen made room for a clearer hovering around and at an angle that made visibility as good as a Minicomputer or a Tablet.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has a rear camera of 8mega pixel and on the front 1.9mega pixel. The Video is 1080p. It has 4G LTE support and active noise cancellation with dedicated Mic. The Battery life is fantastic at 2100mah.Came with SNS integration, TV-out via MHL H/V Link.

An amazing unique feature of eyes tracking that is the light stays on when you look directly at the screen and it automatically dial the number once selected and put on the ear. This is made possible through proximity sensor and detection. This also informed the reason why it vibrates when pick up indicating that there is a notification.

Despite that it is available in more than six colours; the Pebble Blue Colour is in a very high demand more than anticipated especially in the US. Other colours include Marbel White, Garnet Red, Saphire Black, Titanium Gray and Amber Brown.
Samsung Electronics is accused to have violated two of the patent right of Apple Inc, by the design of the Samsung Galaxy S3. And as a result Apple has requested the court in charge of the existing lawsuit against Patent right violation between it and Samsung to include Galaxy S3.

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